Undergoing Severe Rennovations!

We will reopen in 2023 for the Halloween Season.

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While we are under construction, memberships, caper purchases and our shop are closed. However, you are welcome (and encouraged!) to explore the rest of our website. Members can still access the clubhouse and customers can access capers purchased before November 2021 by following the link in their purchase


This very special corner of the web is here to serve as an interactive online experience for all who adore the honey flavored sweet known as Candy Corn. Aesthetic lovers are just as welcome as those who enjoy devouring this seasonal delicacy. Consuming candy corn is not a requirement for enjoying what can be found here.

Be sure to have your virtual candy pail at the ready as you click around and explore. The Candy Corn Thieves of Madison Manor have stashes hidden all over. You never know what special treat (or trick!) you might discover.